Steel Structures


This includes design of multi-storey buildings, industrial buildings, stadia structures, atriums and entrance canopies, multilevel car parking, indoor swimming pools, auditoriums and theatres.

Steel being strong in compression and tension, while weak against buckling when slender, attempts are made to exploit the favourable qualities and safeguard against weaknesses while finalizing the structural system. Usual systems being adopted are,

  • Moment resisting frames
  • Braced frames
  • Trusses
  • Portal frames using standard rolled sections
  • Portal frames using built-up sections and lattice portal frames
  • Space frames
  • Castellated girders

Design services are offered as per IS 800, AISC 360, AS 4100, BS 5950, CSA S16, Eurocode 3, NZS 3404 and Saudi Building Code.