Office Space:

We are having an independent office building with 3000 Sq. ft. of area covered in four floors.

It is having state of the art facilities with a meeting room, conference room with multimedia presentation, library, large working area divided in two floors, director’s chamber, waiting and reception.

Human Resources:

Our technical team consists of post graduate and graduate structural engineers with experience ranging from one year to more than twenty years. Our CAD technicians are competent enough to convert any complex structure in to easy to understand drawing form. We have got different teams having expertise for specific category of structures. This kind of expertise based setup helps us to deliver all types of services while maintaining high quality standards.

Office Infrastructure:

Our infrastructure consists of state of the art computer hardware, software and peripherals. The whole computer network is connected through a server based system. We have got latest computer systems along with a HP – 430 A1 size plotter and a Cannon LaserJet printer. We use in-house developed computer programs in addition to having license for few commercial software.


We maintain a library containing enviable collection of reference books, handbooks, technical journals, design standards, special publications and video CDs.

We have got good number of books on structural analysis, reinforced concrete design, steel structure design, design of liquid containing structures, machine foundation design, design of bridges, structural failures, earthquake engineering, repairs and rehabilitation and computer programming.


Inside the office, we are interconnected by intercom for verbal communication and server based LAN for communication among the computer systems. We are connected with the outside world through a high speed broad band internet connection for fast and effective data transfer. For our overseas clients, we use FTP accounts on our server for easy file transfers.

Backup System:

We have established a powerful backup system for our design data, drawings and correspondence, wherein a regular backup is taken to safeguard against any unforeseen shutdown of the working system. This makes us capable of reinstating the working system within 24 hours of any possible failure without loss of any data or any delay in service delivery to our clients.