Pavement & Complete Street Design


This includes,

  • Geometrical and structural design of new pavements (Concrete and bituminous)
  • Design of concrete white topping over existing bituminous pavements.
  • Design of High volume Fly Ash (HVFA) concrete pavement:
    In addition to low life cycle cost, other numerous functional advantages are being offered by concrete pavements over bituminous pavements. For these reasons, concrete pavements are being widely acceptable. High volume fly ash concrete pavements add to the acceptability by lowering the initial cost without compromising with the quality.
  • Complete Street Design
    A street designed and operated to enable safe, convenient and comfortable access for,
    • Pedestrians
    • Cyclists
    • Street vendors
    • Bus riders
    • Motorists
    of all ages and abilities and having due consideration for parking, trees and landscaping, street furniture and services.

Design services are offered as per IRC, AASHTO, Complete Streets Design Guidelines, NY Street Design Manual, Abu Dhabi Urban Street Design Manual